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Internet Marketing

Union Square Computers offers internet marketing, web development, and internet advertising in an integrated package no other local advertising or marketing firm can offer. We work with motivated entrepreneurs and decision makers to reach your brand or business' true online potential.

Before the internet changed business as we knew it, traditional marketing was an expensive endeavor. Large companies and their large budgets could easily outspend smaller competitors.

Internet Marketing - Hickory, North Carolina

The internet has changed all of that, effectively leveling the playing field for upcoming entrepreneurs. It is now possible for new brands and businesses to get recognized on a small budget. Consumers reward well-targeted messages with their hard earned money. Markets that never existed are now being created. This is a business renaissance for niche players who want to position their brand in front of their target audiences, and also a great opportunity to widen your demographic reach. Your potential audience is now limited only by your imagination.

Strategic Marketing Consultation

Union Square Computers will meet with you to define a roadmap of what you wish to accomplish with your brand. Next, we perform an audit of your website and brand to identify your strengths and weaknesses. From there we develop a customized solution that works for your company and budget. Areas we consider are:

Using a customized blend of these strategies we can effectively meet your marketing goals and catapult your business to the next level. Our tiered road maps can gradually meet your goals without exceeding your advertising and marketing budget. Contact us to schedule an internet marketing consultation.