Domain Name Registration

Whether you choose Union Square Computers to design your website or not we advise you to register your own domain name. Your domain name is your internet DBA. When you let someone else register your domain name you are letting that person control your online business identity. If your webmaster were to go out of business, change jobs, disappear or die your domain name has a very real risk of being lost to cybersquatters. Some of our clients have also had to contend with unresponsive webmasters who don’t answer phone calls or emails meaning our client can’t make changes to their own website and eventually lose their domain. Since the domain name is registered to the webmaster and not to the business owner there is nothing we or the business owner can do until the webmaster responds (if they ever do).

Union Square Computers can work with the person who currently owns your internet domain and transfer ownership back to you. If you are unsure of who currently owns your domain name try a WHOIS search to see if this information is publicly listed. Sometimes you see "private registration" so who owns the domain isn't always obvious. But it is a good place to start!

Take our advice seriously: register your own domain name. We can sit down with you one-on-one and help you through the domain registration process, begin a domain name ownership transfer, hosting change or most any other domain related issue. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

We register all our domains through NameCheap. You can also use their tool to purchase domains and see what domains are available.

Domain Name Selection

Union Square Computers can also assist you in the domain name selection process. What constitutes a good domain name? Ideally your domain name should:

- Show your company name;
- Tell what you do;
- Say where you are;
- Be catchy;
- Be a .com domain;
- Be as short as possible.

We take into account many factors when helping you decide such as the nature of your business, how competitive your market sector is and the kind of market penetration you hope to achieve.  Contact us to schedule a domain name consultation so that we can help you choose a memorable name that will have the best SEO impact for your business.