Data Recovery

Fact #1: As the capacity of a hard drive increases so does the probability of a dramatic hard drive failure. It's like a high-stakes game of digital Jenga.

Fact #2: ALL devices - regardless of their pedigree or manufacturer - eventually throw in the towel. Even the most robust gadgets have their Achilles' circuits.

Fact #3: Beware the siren song of consumer-grade data recovery programs. Some of these well-meaning tools can inadvertently wipe your critical data faster than a caffeinated squirrel on a keyboard.

Our Data Recovery Odyssey

We've danced with Windows, twirled with macOS, waltzed with Linux and tangoed with iOS & Android. Our data recovery prowess spans the digital universe.

In most cases we can resurrect your data from the digital abyss. Imagine your device's failure as a mere hiccup, not an apocalyptic meltdown.

Our prices? More wallet-friendly than you'd expect. And guess what? We only charge if we emerge victorious in the data rescue mission.

Local Legends: We're not just a faceless tech conglomerate. We're your friendly neighborhood data whisperers. Whether it's cherished photos or critical business records we get it - your data is like a digital family heirloom.
When Hope Fades: If we can't work our magic your device might be nursing a mechanical ailment beyond our digital medicine cabinet. Enter Gilware Data Recovery, the Gandalf of data retrieval wizards. They've mastered the art of rescuing HDDs, SSDs and other cryptic devices. Plus they're all about the "no data, no charge" mantra. You pay nada unless they resurrect your precious files.

Data Recovery

The Dance of Recovery

Got a drive? We'll copy your data onto it.

No drive? We'll let you borrow a digital steed (aka a loaner).

The Oracle's Whisper: Within 24 hours we'll divine whether your device is recoverable. The actual recovery? Sometimes it's a sprint; other times it's an ultramarathon. Our record? A two-month data recovery - a saga for the ages. But most recoveries happen within 2 days.
Model Mysteries: Share your device's model or part number and we'll conjure an exact quote. If your drive is buried within a computer bring the whole ensemble - we'll throw a party.

Remember: lost data isn't lost forever - it's just on an unexpected vacation. Let's reunite you with your digital memories.

Our success rate recovering data from hard drives is much higher than our success rate recovering from SSDs. It's well under 50% but not 0%! So we recommend you make a continuous backup so you don't need data recovery. Each method requires a dedicated drive. We linked to a cheap external hard drive.

Apple Instructions

Windows Instructions

WD 2TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive HDD, USB 3.0, Compatible with PC and Mac - WDBU6Y0020BBK-WESN

File Recovery

Oops! Recycle Bin Mishap? Let's Salvage Those Files!

So, you've accidentally emptied your recycle bin and watched your precious files vanish into the digital abyss. Here's a lifeline:

  1. Emergency Protocol: Immediately unplug your computer from the wall - no graceful shutdowns allowed. Then reach out to us to set up an appointment. We'll don our digital capes and dive into the rescue mission.

  2. Recuva to the Rescue?: Some folks have sung praises for Recuva, a data recovery tool. But here's the catch: Don't install it on the drive you're trying to recover from! Why? Because it might unwittingly overwrite the very files you're desperately seeking. Instead install Recuva on a different computer and connect the troubled drive as a non-OS drive.

Remember, lost files are like elusive treasure maps - sometimes you need a savvy guide to unearth them. Let's get those bits and bytes back where they belong.

Data Recovery

Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows Mail Recovery

When it comes to email programs like Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail, they operate using databases to manage your messages, contacts and appointments. Sometimes these files can become corrupted leading to issues where you're unable to access your important data.

Union Square Computers specializes in data recovery and has the expertise to salvage your messages, contacts and appointment data even in cases of total loss. If you're facing any such issues don't hesitate to reach out to us for professional assistance. Your valuable information is in capable hands.

Password Reset & Retrieval

Password Puzzles: We've all been there - crafting a password so brilliant that our future selves struggle to recall it. Or perhaps a former colleague has stashed files in a digital archive locking them up with a conveniently forgotten password.

Here's our secret recipe:

  1. Password Wizardry: In many cases we can work our magic and open those password-protected files. Your data shall be restored and you pay zilch if we don't succeed. We've got an array of tools up our digital sleeves.

  2. Apple Enigma: Ah, the mystical Apple realm! If you're an Apple aficionado, listen closely:
    User ID Password: We can reset this one. It's like whispering the secret phrase to the Apple tree.
    Firmware Password: Now, this one's trickier. Only the Apple Store wizards hold the key to this enchanted gate. Contact us and we'll guide you through the mystical process.

Remember, lost passwords are like cryptic riddles - sometimes you need a tech sorcerer to crack the code. Let's reclaim your digital treasures.