Data Recovery

Fact - As the capacity of a hard drive increases so does the probability of a hard drive failure.

Fact - ALL hard drives fail regardless of manufacturer or type.

Fact - Most consumer-grade 'data recovery' programs can actually wipe critical data from your hard drive.

We have experience performing data recovery on Windows, macOS and Linux formatted hard drives.

In most cases your data can be restored so that a simple hard drive failure is not a complete catastrophe for you or your business. Don't let a hardware failure ruin months or years worth of records and data.

Our data recovery services are probably less expensive than you think and we only charge if we succeed in retrieving your data.

Since we are a local company we can offer quick turnaround along with our legendary service. Be it precious photos or critical business records we understand that your data is extremely important and you'd like it back quickly.

If we can't recover your files then chances are your drive has suffered a mechanical failure beyond our ability to recover from. You still have the option of sending your drive off to a lab specializing in data recovery. Union Square Computers is a proud affiliate of Gillware Data Recovery, the industry leader in hard drive recovery. They have pioneered HDD & SSD recovery and are your final hope in retrieving your data. Gillware also operates under the "no data, no charge" philosophy so you pay nothing unless they successfully retrieve your precious files.

If you provide a drive we'll copy to it. Otherwise we'll provide a "loaner".

We can usually tell within 24 hours if a drive is recoverable. The actual recovery may take longer. To cite our most extreme example a drive kept shutting off after pulling a few hundred megs off. That one took around 2 weeks. Most jobs can be turned around same or next day.

We'll ask for your drive's model or part number. Please send this if you can so we can give you an exact quote. If the drive is buried in a computer it's best to bring the computer to us if you can't fish it out.

Our success rate recovering data from hard drives is much higher than our success rate recovering from SSDs. It's well under 50% but not 0%! So we recommend you make continous backup so you don't need data recovery. Each method requires a dedicated drive. I linked to a cheap hard drive.

Apple Instructions

Windows Instructions

WD 2TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive HDD, USB 3.0, Compatible with PC and Mac - WDBU6Y0020BBK-WESN

File Recovery

Did you just empty your recycle bin and lose an important file? There's a chance that we can retrieve your files. Should you accidentally delete a file immediately unplug your computer from the wall (don't shut down normally) and contact us to setup an appointment.

Some people have had luck with Recuva but you shouldn't install this on the drive you want to recover from since the files may overwrite what you're trying to recover. You should only install this on a different computer and hook up the drive you're trying to recover from as a non-OS drive.

Outlook, Outlook Express, and Windows Mail Recovery

Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail are database driven programs. Occasionally the files can be corrupted and you will not be able to view your contacts or messages. Union Square Computers has the tools and experience to rescue your messages, contacts and appointment data from total loss.

Password Reset & Retrieval

It happens all the time. Sometimes you pick a password that's so good it is difficult to remember it. Or a former employee has locked up files in an archive and has conveniently forgotten the password.

In many cases we can open these password protected files and get your data back to you or you pay nothing. We have a variety of tools to reset your password.

We can also successfully reset the password on your Apple computer. There are two potential passwords: the user ID password and the firmware password. Only an Apple Store can remove a firmware password. Contact us for details.