Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization) involves enhancing your website to improve your searchability on search engines like Google, Bing and the internet in general. This entails making your site more visible when people search for:

- Products you offer
- Services you provide
- Information related to topics you specialize in or have extensive experience with

Improved visibility in search results increases the likelihood of your pages being discovered and clicked on. Ultimately the aim of SEO is to attract website visitors who may convert into customers, clients or returning audience members.

There are two main aspects of SEO: on-page and off-page. On-page SEO refers to optimizations made directly on your website while off-page SEO involves activities like building backlinks from external sites to yours. We offer assistance with both on-page and off-page SEO strategies.

What determines my business’ placement in Search Engine Page Results?

Search Engine Ranking Position (SERPs) which determine where your website appears in search engine results are influenced by a variety of factors. Let's explore these key elements:

Content Quality: Quality content is the ultimate ranking factor. Even if your site is perfectly optimized for SEO, poor content won't rank well. Google values content that thoroughly answers users' queries. Longer, comprehensive content tends to rank higher. Ensure your content is useful, structured and satisfies user intent.
Content Uniqueness: Having thorough, useful and well-structured content is essential but it must also be unique. If your content merely regurgitates existing information it won't stand out. Aim for differentiation or superior value.
Fully Crawlable Pages: Search engines must be able to fully crawl and index your content. If they're blocked from accessing your page it reduces your searchability. Use tools like Google Search Console to verify that your pages are accessible.
Mobile Optimization: Google prioritizes mobile-friendly sites. Poor mobile experiences can lead to demotion in rankings. Ensure your site looks good and functions well on mobile devices.

Regarding the future there's buzz about GEO (Generative Engine Optimization or search powered by AI) potentially replacing traditional SEO. While this may be true sticking to SEO fundamentals remains crucial. By leveraging your strengths and addressing weaknesses you'll continue to improve your search engine visibility and effectively convey your message to both search engines and customers.


Does my website have enough content?

If your website primarily consists of images and extensive Java code it'll face challenges in terms of search engine visibility. While Google and Bing have made strides in intelligently indexing such media the results are often experimental, buried or nonexistent.

We've encountered visually stunning websites that remained virtually invisible to search engines due to their lack of machine-readable text. Despite search engines' increasing sophistication text content remains crucial. Without well-optimized text that machines can easily interpret your site won't be discoverable online.

You can see what Google can and cannot see by using the free tool known as Google Search Console.

On-page SEO is an ongoing process and it's essential to continually enhance your website's search engine friendliness. At Union Square Computers we specialize in redesigning or collaborating with web designers to improve their website's visibility. Feel free to contact us for more details.

What are the best search engines?

We think Google is great but some use Duck Duck Go, (for the privacy), SearchScene (for the charity) or Bing (as an alternative to Google). We value results but whichever search engine you choose to use is good by us.

Local SEO

Claiming your online business listings is a crucial step for enhancing your online visibility and optimizing your search engine presence. Here are the two major players in this arena:

Google Local Business Center

Bing Local Listing Center

If your business isn't listed it's essential to create listings across these directories. In today's digital landscape search engines have overtaken traditional directories like the Yellow Pages in relevance. Most individuals now rely on search engines to find products and services. Don't risk falling behind. Contact us to schedule an SEO consultation and discover how we can enhance your online presence.