Search Engine Optimization

What determines my business’ placement in Search Engine Page Results?

Search Engine Ranking Position (or SERPs) are influenced by a variety of factors: among them are the age of the domain name, how many sites link to yours, the quality of HTML code on your website and most importantly the content on the web page. A lot of emphais is if your site is mobile-friendly so we make sure your site looks good on a phone. Search Engine Optimization is the art of leveraging your online strengths and eliminating your weaknesses so that search engines and customers can better hear your message.

You'll see on the web how GEO (generative engine optimization or search powered by AI) is going to replace SEO. That's probably true but if you follow the fundamentals of SEO you shouldn't have much additional work.

Does my website have enough content?

If your website is made completely of images and tons of Java then probably not. Google and Bing are making great strides in intelligently indexing these types of media. Google can perform OCR on images for example but these search engine results are experimental, are typically buried or simply do not exist.

We have seen gorgeous websites that were more or less invisible to the search engines because they lacked any kind of machine readable text. Search engines are becoming more sophisticated all of the time but the fact is text content is king and if your website doesn't have optimized text that a machine can easily read you will not be found online. On page SEO is a continuous process or should be.

Union Square Computers can redesign or work with your existing website to make it more search engine friendly. Contact us for details.

Local SEO

Union Square Computers strongly encourages business owners to claim their online business listings made freely available by the major search engines. This is one of the most important things you can do from a search engine optimization perspective. The two major players are:

Google Local Business Center

Bing Local Listing Center

If you don't find a listing for your business you should create one for each of these directories. If you found our website through a search engine you will probably agree that the Yellow Pages are no longer the most relevant way to reach the public. A majority of people now search for products and services using a search engine. Don't get left behind. Contact us to schedule an SEO consultation to see what we can do for you.