Apple iPad Repair & Service

If you purchased your tablet before over a year ago or if you have accidentally damaged it (which isn't covered by the AppleCare Terms of Service) then consider Union Square Computers for your iPad repair. You will find that our repair price is a fraction of the cost of a new unit plus you will avoid the hassle & expense of having to drive to one of the stores in Charlotte. USC is our area's #1 iPad repair shop.

Apple is pretty sneaky. Sometimes they use the same model number but use entirely different hardware. Please send your iPad's serial number so we know what we're dealing with.

The touch screen glass and aluminum case do a great job of protecting your iPad from every day use and abuse. But accidents do happen. The most common repair we perform is iPad touchscreen glass digitizer replacement. Occassionally the damage is more extensive and the aluminum frame needs body work to get the buttons to work again or the glass to lay flat. Once in a while the LCD underneath of the glass is damaged as well. After hundreds of discharge and recharge cycles a new battery may be necessary. Union Square Computers offers quick turnaround time on all of these iPad repairs. You need to remove the glass of course to swap out any parts on an iPad. To keep an iPad from boomeranging back at us we apply new adhesive and clamp it overnight. Because of this it's one of the few things we don't offer same-day service on. Anyone offering same-day repair service is sacrificing quality for speed.

On the iPad Air Apple glues the glass to the LCD underneath which greatly increases expense. On normal iPads replacing the glass is something that can be done for under $200 but it's not uncommon for the same repair on an Air to exceed $400.

iPad Troubleshooting

You may be able to resolve some problems yourself. DISCLAIMER: Try these troubleshooting steps at your own risk. Union Square Computers is not responsible for injuries or damage that may occur. If you are uncomfortable performing any of these steps then stop. Simply contact us so that we can fix the problem.

First things first: Checking for Updates

Apple has released a number of updates to iOS, the iPad's operating system, which fixes some bugs and adds features to your device.

To check for iOS updates you will need a PC or Mac running an up-to-date version of iTunes. This is baked into Macs but you need to download this on PCs from the Microsoft Store. Next connect your iPad to a USB port on your computer. After you are connected to your computer click Check for Updates in iTunes to see if an update is available for your device.

iPad won't turn on

Perform a reset. Press the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button simultaneously for around 15 seconds to see if you can get the tablet to start.

iPad charges slowly when plugged into a USB port

This is normal since a USB port supplies around 5V while the USB-C AC adapter supplies 240V and Thunderbolt supplies 18V. To complicate matters not all USB ports deliver a uniform amount of power. You may even receive a Not Charging message when charging your iPad on certain computers. You might get lucky by trying the USB ports on the back of the computer as opposed to the USB port on your keyboard or ports on the front of your computer. If this doesn't do the trick consider purchasing an additional AC adapter.

iPad won't charge at all

Either the Thunderbolt cable, charging brick (if you use one), USB port (if you use it) or port on the iPad went bad. If you have a newer Mac it has at least one Thunderbolt port.Then get one of these. We've also seen charging bricks with a Thunderbolt port built in. We can test your eqipment free of charge to ensure you're ordering the right thing. If you use a USB charging brick or a USB port then get one of these. If it's still not charging your port is probably bad. An iPad that won't charge is pretty much useless. The jack needs to be replaced.

iPad wireless isn't working

- Try turning your device off by holding the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds until you see the power off option. Slide to power off then restart the unit by pushing and holding the Sleep/Wake button again.
- Try cycling power on your wireless router and modem to restart them. This would be a good time to reboot your iPad too. Wait about three minutes and try again.
- Is the 'internet' light on your modem dark? If so then call your internet service provider to see if there is an outage in your area.
- You can also try to reset your iPad. This destroys any data on there. After you've backed up follow this procedure.

iPad won't hold a charge

There are a couple of potential fixes for this issue if your device is less than one year old.

The first thing you want to try is to charge your tablet to 100%. Then you want to hold the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons simultaneously for about 15 seconds until you see the Apple logo. This recalibrates your battery and will hopefully extend your battery life.

If this doesn't work, try charging to 100%. Use your tablet as you normally would throughout the day until the battery is completely depleted and the iPad shuts down. Charge to 100% to see if your battery successfully recalibrated.

Keep in mind that after a few hundred charges (about 1 year of fairly heavy use) your battery's charge capacity may decrease by half. At this point you likely need a new battery.