Web Analytics & Statistics

So you have a website - great! Do you know if and when people are coming to your site? A simple javascript counter won't tell you what your most and least favorite pages on your website are. Without access to website analytics you are operating blindly without the opportunity to create a better experience for your website visitors.

As part of every website that we design we install analytics systems to gain valuable feedback about your website’s performance. We want you to get valuable feedback about your site’s performance so that appropriate content changes can be made that will ensure a more functional and useful website. The following is an example of the sort of information that you will have access to with a website crafted by us:

- Number of visits;
- Visit type, such as if they came to your site through a search engine like Google;
- Geographic location of visitors down to the city level;
- Search terms people found your website with;
- Which websites are sending you traffic;
- Number of pages viewed, which pages were viewed and the duration of visits.

At Union Square Computers we believe that websites are living things. As such they require tweaking and give you feedback so you may make the most out of the site. Website analytics are a crucial component of the feedback loop that ensures proper search engine optimization and to organically grow your website into a destination that visitors will want to see and visit again.

Google Analytics has quickly become an industry standard in tracking visits to your site. Contact us today and we'll open your eyes to what is really going on with your website.