Computer Repair

Is your computer on the fritz? Is it acting a little strange? Perhaps it is cutting itself off from time to time, running slow or making an annoying screeching sound?

Many times it is more cost effective to repair your current PC than it is to purchase and set up a brand new one.

We can promise some of the quickest turnaround times in western North Carolina. Before you bring us your laptop be sure to check out our laptop repair troubleshooting page.

There are many companies outside of Charlotte that work on Macs. However we were one of the first. Click here to find out more about our Mac repair services.

See what can be done to bring that computer back to life so you get more use out of it without the hassle and expense of purchasing and configuring a brand new system.

If your computer is slow you probably either have malware or a failing hard drive. If after scanning your computer still isn't fixed you've probably got a bad drive. We offer a cloning service so you don't need to start over. If the computer boots we can often clone the drive.

PC & Notebook Upgrades

Can I have a larger hard drive installed?

Can I replace my hard drive with an SSD?

Is it possible to add more memory to my computer?

Can my computer talk to my new digital camcorder?

These are common questions by computer owners and we can provide the answers. In most cases a technician can fix or upgrade your computer at a much lower cost than purchasing a completely new system. Feel free to ask us what your options are.


Ever wonder why your computer gets slower and slower the longer you use it? By default computer operating systems (especially Windows) wind up destroying themselves over time. Thus the more you use your computer the slower and less stable it becomes. We cannot stop this from happening completely but by modifying the layout of Windows and performing some needed tweaks we can greatly extend the time before your computer needs additional servicing.

During the optimization process our technicians perform the following tasks:

- A complete bloatware scan to remove resource-hogging programs that can compromise both your personal security and the integrity of your computer or network;
- A complete virus & malware scan with the tool regarded by security professionals throughout the world as the very best;
- All important operating system updates including those determined to be non-critical that we judge to be necessary;
- Relocation of various operating system files and components to prevent what we call OS decay;
- Tweaks of various operating system parameters so that your software is tuned to your hardware, maximizing your performance, productivity and stability.

In most cases your computer is actually faster after we perform optimization than it was when it was brand new. For people wanting to get the most out of their computer without paying for major upgrades this is the best way to go. We are confident that you will be amazed at how your system runs when it has been cleaned up and fine-tuned.