Computer Repair

Is Your Computer Misbehaving? Here's What You Need to Know

Is your trusty computer acting a bit peculiar? Perhaps it's throwing a digital tantrum, cutting itself off unexpectedly or emitting mysterious screeching sounds. Before you contemplate tossing it out the window consider these options:

Repair vs. Replace: Sometimes fixing your current PC is more cost-effective than splurging on a shiny new one. Our technicians have your back with some of the quickest turnaround times in western North Carolina. But first check out our laptop repair troubleshooting page. It's like a digital first aid kit for your notebook.
Mac Magic: While there are plenty of companies outside of Charlotte that tinker with Macs we were among the pioneers. Curious about our Macintosh repair services? Click here to dive into the details
Revive and Thrive: Why not breathe new life into your computer? Skip the hassle (and expense) of buying and configuring a brand-new system. Let's explore what can be done to rejuvenate your trusty companion.
Speed Woes: If your computer is crawling like a sleepy sloth, it might be harboring malware or nursing a failing hard drive. If after scanning your computer is still slow you've likely got a bad drive. Our cloning service can save the day. No need to start from scratch - just boot up and let us work our magic.
Google Quest: When you search for "computer repair near me" or "computer repair close to me" we hope our name pops up like a friendly digital daisy.

Computer Repair

PC & Notebook Upgrades

Larger Hard Drive? Absolutely!
SSD Swap? You bet!
More Memory? Sure thing!
Computer – Camcorder Chitchat? Well maybe not small talk but we'll make sure they communicate smoothly.

Got questions? We've got answers! We're IT nerds. Couldn't you tell? Contact us.


Ever wonder why your computer ages like a fine cheese (minus the deliciousness)? Operating systems (especially Windows) tend to unravel over time. With a little feng shui and some tech wizardry we can extend your computer's digital lifespan.

Your computer isn't just a machine - it's a loyal companion. Treat it well and it'll keep your digital world spinning smoothly.