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Why Union Square Computers?

Union Square Computers is a computer services and web design company tailoring custom solutions for businesses and individual clients. Whether you are needing networking, SEO, security or an e-commerce website, Union Square Computers in downtown Hickory, North Carolina can handle all of your computing needs.

Who We Are

USC was started in January 2005 by Ed Cooper & Chuck Simmons. The two realized that there was a large demand by Unifour individuals & businesses for professional web and computer solutions. We have been serving the Hickory, Conover & Newton, North Carolina area for nearly years. Chuck left the company in 2012 to pursue other opportunities.

We pride ourselves in being able to talk to clients. IT seems to attract poorly socially adjusted people. We're not those people! We can speak in technical terms but often phrase things in easy to understand language. We realize you probably wouldn't be coming to us if you were a computer wiz. Our clients often specialize in areas where we can't compete. Contact us for a free quote.


We offer a 10% discount on labor to students, educators, seniors, first responders, vets and active military. Be sure to mention this when getting a quote so an accurate price is given to you.

What We Do
Computer Repair
Computer Repair

Is your computer on the fritz? Is it acting a little strange? Perhaps it is cutting itself off from time to time, running slow or making an annoying screeching sound?

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Apple Macintosh Repair
Apple Mac Repair

You don't need to drive all the way to Charlotte to fix your Mac. Union Square Computers is the premiere place in Hickory, NC servicing Apple PCs and Macbooks. Whether you have experienced a hard drive crash on your Mac, need macOS reinstalled or battery in your Macbook replaced, USC is #1 in the Piedmont for all of your Apple repair and service needs.

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Data Recovery
Data Recovery

In most cases your data can be restored so that a simple hard drive failure is not a complete catastrophe for you or your business. Don't let a hardware failure ruin months or years worth of records and data.

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Laptop Repair
Laptop Repair

Union Square Computers offers a full range of laptop repair services in Hickory, NC. Whether you use your laptop for work or play, USC understands that you want your laptop back as quickly as possible which is why we offer same day and next day repair services. Contact us to see how we can help get your laptop up and running.

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Apple iPad Repair
Apple iPad Repair

If you purchased your tablet over a year ago or if you have accidentally damaged it (which isn't covered by AppleCare's Terms of Service), then consider Union Square Computers for your iPad repair. You will find that our repair price is a fraction of the cost of a new unit plus you will avoid the hassle & expense of having to drive to one of the stores in Charlotte.

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At Union Square Computers we know you need answers to your questions without all the technical mumbo-jumbo. No matter the size of your project, problem or idea we can help turn your thoughts into reality while maintaining security, scalability and cost effectiveness.

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Virus and Malware Removal

Is your computer running slow? Giving strange errors? Won't do Windows updates properly? Is your web browser homepage getting hijacked? Is your antivirus program giving you fits? If you have any of these symptoms then your computer may be infected with some type of spyware or virus.

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Web Design

Make the most of your business' advertising and marketing budget by having Union Square Computers take care of your website design. Your web presence is your online calling card. That's why it's important it is done right from the start. You can dramatically increase lead generation with a website designed by us. We follow industry standard practices to build SEO in right from the start.

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Web Development

If you have a lot of information to put on your website, the information changes often or if you need secure password protected sections on your website then you will want to contact us about our custom web development services.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Ranking Position (or SERPs) are influenced by a variety of factors: the age of the domain name, how many sites link to yours, the quality of HTML code on your site and most importantly the content on the web page. Search Engine Optimization is the art of leveraging your online strengths and eliminating your weaknesses so that search engines and customers can better hear your message.

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Web Analytics

So you have a website - great! Do you know if and when people are coming to your site? A simple javascript counter won't tell you what your most and least favorite pages on your website are. Without access to website analytics you are operating blindly without the opportunity to create a better experience for your website visitors.

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Domain Name Registration

Whether you choose Union Square Computers to design your website or not we advise you to register your own domain name. Your domain name is your internet DBA. When you let someone else register your domain name you are letting that person control your online business identity.

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Web Hosting

Union Square Computers provides web and email hosting solutions for your website or business starting as low as under $10 per month.

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You may be moving from an HD to an SSD out of necessity (your hard drive is dying or has died) or to enjoy one of the many benefits (namely they're a lot faster than hard drives).

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Computer Recycling

We accept computers, electronics and computer peripherals for ethical recycling. This service is offered free of charge. The office is on the small side so if you're bringing more than a square yard of stuff please contact us so we can prepare for the influx and discharge.

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Android Phone Repair

We repair Android phones. Replacing broken screens is easily the most common repair but we've also replaced just about every other part in them. We understand people cannot be without their phones for extended periods of time which is why all of our repairs are same or next day.

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Apple iPhone Repair

The touch screen glass and aluminum case do a great job of protecting your iPhone from every day use and abuse. But accidents do happen. The most common repair we perform is iPhone screen replacement. After hundreds of discharge and recharge cycles a new battery may be necessary. Union Square Computers offers quick turnaround time on all of these iPhone repairs.

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Apple Watch Repair

You may be able to resolve some problems yourself. DISCLAIMER: Try these troubleshooting steps at your own risk. Union Square Computers is not responsible for injuries or damage that may occur. If you are uncomfortable performing any of these steps then stop. Simply contact us so that we can fix the problem.

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Game Console Repair

Union Square Computers offers PlayStation, Xbox, Wii and Switch repairs. A lot of the repairs we do are replacing the optical drive or hard drive, but in the case of the Switch the screen.

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Device Repair

Union Square Computers will try to fix any gadget or gizmo that's vaguely electronic. We have a no fix, no charge policy so only charge for successful repairs. We have terrible results with iPods so don't accept them.

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Our FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get a quote?

Please email your computer's make and model and a description of what your computer is or isn't doing. If it's a Mac please send your Apple's Serial Number. Apple hardware is very specific. A serial allows us to see what's under the hood.

On 2021 and newer Apple devices they changed the serial so you can no longer look the device up by it. In these cases send us your model number.

We operate under the no fix, no charge philosophy so only charge for solutions & not for trying hard.

How do I make an appointment?

Please email us. Most of the time we can schedule an appointment within 24 hours.

How do I schedule a service call?

There's little chance the owner can get out there but he can dispatch an employee. Please email us and let us know when you'd like to schedule and description of your issue so the right person is sent.

Weekends can be dicey as far as dispatching someone.

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