Apple iPhone Repair & Service

If you purchased your iPhone over a year ago or accidentally damaged it (which isn't covered by the AppleCare Terms of Service), consider Union Square Computers in Hickory, NC, for your iPhone repair needs. Our repair prices are a fraction of the cost of a new unit and you'll avoid the hassle and expense of driving to one of the stores in Charlotte. We're the area's #1 iPhone repair shop.

Common iPhone repairs we perform include:

Screen Replacement: The most frequent issue. If your iPhone screen is cracked or malfunctioning, we can replace it promptly.
Battery Replacement: After hundreds of discharge and recharge cycles, a new battery may be necessary. We offer quick turnaround time for battery replacements.
Other Fixes: Whether it's troubleshooting, setting up Screen Time, or making backups, we've got you covered.

Please note that Apple now requires newer iPhones to use their screens otherwise the iPhone won't work. Additionally Apple has changed its serial number format making it harder to look up phone specifications.

Remember, troubleshooting steps should be attempted at your own risk. If you're uncomfortable performing any of these steps contact us for professional assistance. And don't forget to check for iOS updates which keeps your iPhone up-to-date which can resolve bugs and add new features.

We were one of the first companies outside of Charlotte to work on Macs. Learn more about our Mac repair services here.

First things first: checking for updates

Apple has rolled out several updates for iOS the operating system powering iPhones and iPads. They address various bugs and introduce new features to enhance your device. To check for iOS updates ensure you have a PC or Mac with an updated version of iTunes installed. While iTunes comes pre-installed on Macs PC users need to download it from the Microsoft Store. Once installed connect your iPhone to a USB port on your computer. Then from within iTunes click on "Check for Updates" to determine if there's an available update for your device.

Among it's many noteworthy features is the ability to back up. Follow the provided guide and choose the method that best suits your preferences.

iPhone won't turn on

Initiate a reset by simultaneously pressing the Power and Home buttons for approximately 15 seconds. This action will force restart your phone. For iPhones without a Home button you can perform a force reset using the following procedure.

iPhone charges slowly when plugged into a USB port

This occurrence is typical because USB ports typically supply around 5V whereas AC adapters provide more than that. Additionally not all USB ports deliver a consistent amount of power. In some cases you may encounter a "Not Charging" message when charging your iPhone on certain computers. Experimenting with different USB ports such as those located at the back of your computer rather than on your keyboard or the front panel might yield better results. If this doesn't resolve the issue you may want to consider acquiring an additional AC adapter.

iPhone won't charge at all

It's possible that either the Thunderbolt cable, charging brick (if used) or port has malfunctioned. If you have a newer Mac with at least one Thunderbolt port then get one of these. We offer complimentary testing of your equipment to ensure you're purchasing the correct item. If you're using a USB charging brick or port consider one of these. If the issue persists it's likely that your port is faulty. Fortunately iPhones can be recharged wirelessly. You can purchase an iPhone wireless charger from here. The main drawbacks of wireless charging are longer charging times and the inability to use your phone while it's charging. If you're planning to upgrade to a new phone soon this is the most economical option.

iPhone won't connect to wireless network

- Attempt to power off your device by pressing and holding the Power button until the power off option appears. Slide to power off then restart the device by pressing and holding the Power button again.
- Power cycle your wireless router and modem to restart them. To do that unplug them, count to 10 and plug them back in. Keep in mind it takes your modem about 3 minutes to boot after doing this. Simultaneously reboot your iPhone.
- If the internet light on your modem is not illuminated contact your internet service provider to inquire about any outages in your area.

iPhone won't hold a charge

If your device is less than one year old and experiencing issues there are a couple of potential fixes to consider.

First ensure your phone is charged to 100%. Then simultaneously hold down the Power and Home buttons for approximately 15 seconds until the Apple logo appears. For devices without a Home button follow a force reset procedure to recalibrate your battery, which may help extend its lifespan.

If the above steps do not resolve the issue charge your device to 100% and use it as usual until the battery is completely depleted and the iPhone shuts down. Afterwards recharge to 100% to check if the battery has successfully recalibrated.

Keep in mind that after numerous charges (around 1 year of heavy usage) your battery's charge capacity may decline significantly. In such cases it's likely time to consider replacing the battery.