Virus & Malware Removal

If your computer is exhibiting symptoms like sluggish performance, strange errors, failed Windows updates, browser hijacking or antivirus issues it’s possible that it’s infected with malware or a virus.

Unfortunately many computer users don’t regularly scan for these threats. Even worse there’s no single scanner that can remove everything. Commercial scanners sometimes detect items but struggle to delete or clean them effectively. Additionally the effectiveness of commercial scanners varies widely. Not surprisingly only about 30% of computer users regularly scan for malware and most of them rely on just one utility.

At Union Square Computers we take a revolutionary approach to virus removal. Here’s how our process works:

Specialized Windows Boot: We start by booting your computer using a custom version of Windows that we’ve developed in-house. This version is clean and free from viruses or other malware.
Comprehensive Scans and Tests: Next we perform a battery of scans and tests on your OS installation. Since the viruses are inactive during this process they can’t hide from our scanners and removal tools. We use a combination of commercial and proprietary tools to ensure thorough virus removal.
Beyond the Corrupted OS: Our virus removal method goes beyond what a typical scan within the corrupted operating system can achieve. Unlike other companies that promise quick fixes during an afternoon house call or over the internet we focus on complete removal. While they might remove the "easy" viruses, they often leave behind more insidious malware, adware, Trojans and rootkits.
Guaranteed Results: Our removal process may take several days depending on the severity of infection. However we guarantee that your computer will be returned to you 100% free of viruses and malware. We also provide free tools recommended by security experts to help you maintain an infection-free system.

Remember, thorough virus removal is essential for your computer’s health and security. Don’t settle for quick fixes - trust the experts at Union Square Computers to get the job done right.

Free Antivirus, Free Malware Removal Tools, and Free Optimization Utilities

Disclaimer: We feel that the following tools can be useful for detecting and removing malware from your system. Be aware that some malware replaces system files so when infected files are detected and removed your computer may not be able to boot into Windows or macOS. Also these are links to 3rd party sites so be careful what you click on and install. If you are unsure of what to do be sure to contact us before you potentially render your system inoperable. Be sure you know what you are doing and refer to each program's instructions before proceeding.

A note to Windows 8, 10 & 11 Users: Some of these programs need administrative rights in order to remove malware. Simply right click on the program icon and "Run As Administrator" to do this. You'll need to scan again.

Before you start installing programs....

Microsoft Update: Your initial line of defense involves ensuring that Windows remains up-to-date. In this digital era malware and other threats can be developed and distributed which poses a danger to your PC. Continuous Windows updates serve as a protective measure, delivering bug fixes and security updates to keep your device secure and functioning smoothly. Remember, keeping your system updated is akin to maintaining a strong fortress against potential cyber threats. If you encounter any issues during an update then consider running the Windows Update Troubleshooter as an initial troubleshooting step.

Free Antivirus for Windows 8, Windows 10 & Windows 11

AVG Protection Free: AVG Protection Free is a no-cost antivirus solution providing real-time virus protection by actively blocking threats while you work. It includes features such as rootkit scanning, malware scanning and active real-time protection for Windows. It can both eliminate threats and protect you from them. You can get the 32-bit version here

Additionally AVG offers an antivirus solution specifically designed for Android phones although it’s exclusively available through the Play Store.

Free Spyware & Adware Scanners for Windows 8, Windows 10 & Windows 11

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware: Also known as MBAM. One review out there says Malwarebytes is like bringing an M4 to a knife fight. This powerful tool is an essential addition to the malware arsenal.
SuperAntiSpyware Free Edition: This program detects numerous bugs that others miss.

Free Optimization Tools for Windows 8, Windows 10 & Windows 11

CCleaner: CCleaner effectively removes temporary internet files, (a common entry point for malware) along with clearing the MRU (most recently used) list, cookies, outdated installer logs and conducting non-invasive registry cleaning.
Defraggler: This utility optimizes hard drive defragmentation far surpassing the capabilities of the native Windows defragmentation tool. Remember, defragmenting an SSD is unnecessary and should be avoided.

Mac Essentials

Apple Update: Apple frequently issues patches and updates for macOS, enhancing performance, introducing new features and addressing emerging security risks. Starting from Mavericks (macOS 10.9) onwards automatic update checks are enabled by default. However individuals using older macOS versions should proactively monitor Apple Update to ensure their systems remain up to date.
AVG Antivirus for Mac: Here's a top-notch virus scanner for macOS and the best part is it's completely free. Despite common misconceptions Macs aren't immune to viruses. Take a moment to scan your system today and discover exactly what's lurking on your computer.
ClamXav: Although we stand by AVG as the premier antivirus solution for Mac it's wise to seek a second opinion from another scanner. ClamXav serves this purpose effectively.

Android Protection

You'll need to open the Play Store on your phone or tablet and search for AVG AntiVirus. Android infections are rare but they do happen.

iOS Protection

iOS infections are even rarer but iPads and iPhones can get infected too. Open the App Store and look for AVG Antivirus.