Apple Macintosh Computer Repair & Service

You don't need to drive all the way to Charlotte to fix your Mac. Union Square Computers is the premiere place in Hickory, NC servicing Apple PCs and Macbooks. Whether you have experienced a hard drive crash on your Mac, need macOS reinstalled or need the Magsafe port on your Macbook Pro replaced, USC is #1 in the Piedmont for all of your Apple help & service needs.

We always ask for your Mac's serial number before doing anything with a Mac. Please send it. On Macs from 2021 and newer you can't look up a Mac by serial number. Please send your model number (it always starts with an A) and your EMC number. These are located near the serial number.

We're not an Apple Store or Authorized Repair Center. We looked into it and it would cost about $20k to get authorized. It doesn't seem like it's worth the high expense.

Mac Upgrades

Need to add more memory? Upgrade your hard drive? Switch to an SSD? Having trouble getting software to work? We can help you select the right part for your Mac which extends your investment's usefulness for years to come.

In the old days you could just add more RAM or a bigger SSD. But on some models Apple solders them to the logic board (that's Applespeak for motherboard) which greatly increases cost. Apple rationalizes these moves by saying that decision shaved a millimeter from the design but ultimately the computer has less cheap upgrade options which is bad for the consumer and bad for us.

Mac Virus & Spyware Removal

Contrary to popular belief Macs are easily infected with viruses and spyware but infection may not always be as obvious as you think. Malware is a multi-billion dollar industry run by sophisticated networks of international criminals who make a living selling your personal and financial information to the highest bidder in countries with little regard for US law. These criminals increasingly want to hide their presence on your computer so that they can continue to secretly siphon passwords, credit card numbers and other information to sell on the black market. Apple continues to increase its market share of personal computers in homes and business so this is a trend many experts believe will continue to get worse.

Union Square Computers can scan and lock down your computer, setting you up with the tools needed to protect your identity and keep your Mac clean in the future.