Web Development

If you find yourself needing a robust web presence due to a wealth of information, frequent updates or the need for secure, password-protected sections, consider exploring custom web development services. Union Square Computers has successfully executed custom web development projects across various domains. Our portfolio includes applications like inventory management systems, online shopping carts, customer relationship managers, store locators and customer loyalty programs.

Let's dive into the specifics. Web development differs from web design. While web design involves building a site from scratch web development focuses on enhancing existing sites by adding new functionality or information.

Our seasoned programming experts are here to guide you toward the right web development solution for publishing your content online. Our capabilities encompass:

Scalable Data Storage: We offer nearly unlimited data storage capacities.
User Access Levels: Whether you're a standard user or an administrator we tailor access levels to your needs.
Data Manipulation: Easily create, update, edit and delete information.
Database Conversions: We can migrate data from almost any database system.
Custom Output Rendering: Generate output in various formats, including HTML, Excel and PDF.
SEO-Friendly URLs: Optimize your site for search engines.
API Integration: Seamlessly connect with web services like Google and Facebook.

And here's the good news: custom web databases are more affordable than you might think. They provide tailored solutions that evolve alongside your business. Reach out to us today and let's harness our web development expertise to your advantage.

And if you simply need to add or modify information we've got you covered. Share your goals with us and we'll make it happen.

Attention Web Designers

We collaborate with various web designers, advertising agencies, marketing firms, and other businesses to transform exceptional designs into fully operational interactive websites. Contact us to explore the possibilities of forming a collaborative partnership and bringing your vision to life.